Unique Business Model

Evergreen Air Conditioning’s unique business model delivers maximum value for your HVAC spend.

Imagine if every time your car was repaired, it was done at cost. That is the philosophy and approach Evergreen brings to your HVAC assets. With Evergreen, your HVAC maintenance and repair costs are managed over the lifetime of each site — meaning total lifetime costs are reduced dramatically. Multiply that savings across all of your locations and the value of Evergreen’s business model is clear.

In 2003, Evergreen founder Jeff Niemann recognized a gap in the HVAC market. Third-party HVAC providers profit from their services by adding surcharges across all facets of the preventative maintenance/service spectrum. With the creation of Evergreen, Jeff broke from the pack and made the decision to only charge a fair mark-up on preventative maintenance. This business model allows for complete transparency to Evergreen’s customer base, plus adds value by keeping labor and parts costs at a minimum. Evergreen’s track record demonstrates that proper preventative maintenance is the key to long-term savings.

In addition, Evergreen negotiates special pricing with HVAC manufacturers on high dollar value components and passes those savings directly to customers without any markup. Evergreen also does not markup the labor rates of its contractor network, nor does it allow its contractor network to add items such as non-holiday overtime hourly rates, truck charges, or other hidden fees. This way of conducting business is what differentiates Evergreen from other third-party HVAC providers.